Ceph Day in Santiago de Compostela

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This week took place our first Ceph meetup in Santiago de Compostela. The event was organized by AMTEGA in collaboration with Red Hat, Supermicro, Colabora, Cumulus Networks, Dinahosting and Igalia.

My talk Upstream consultancy and Ceph RadosGW/S3 covered the context and value of the upstream contributions in the Ceph project, along with some examples of consulting and technical work that we carried out in Igalia ending with new features and improvements in the project.

If you could not attend and are interested in the topics we talked about, you can read more about the event here.

Some of the topics on the agenda that we discussed were hardware performance, reference architectures, open web-scale networking, operations, new use cases or storage products/services.

Outside of the agenda we also discussed the technical impact of BlueStore, the new storage backend in Luminous, the low-risk approaches to update clusters in production or how small and medium-sized companies are gradually adopting software-defined storage.

Although the agenda was really tight, we were able to include some practical references for all those people who had their first contact with Ceph at the event. In this regard, Red Hat commented on the availability of the Ceph Storage Test lab on AWS and I shared a guided technical recipe to deploy the Ceph RGW / S3 demo container locally.

The latter allowed some of the attendees to follow the technical section of the talks in real time and experiment with configurations, protocols and tools throughout the event.

Finally thank all the people who participated in the organization and actively collaborated to make the event possible. See you at the next one!

Update 2018/05/14

The slides are now available through the Ceph community:



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