As a result of our work in the Kernel and Virtualization team here in Igalia, Samuel and I were invited to take part at the first conference on control system's technologies used by High Energy Physics facilities. This event was hosted in the National Center of Scientific Research NCSR DEMOKRITOS, the biggest and most acclaimed research center in Greece.

After our talk titled Driving and virtualizing control systems: the Open Source approach used in WhiteRabbit, we joined the round table to discuss about the future of controls for accelerators and detectors. It was great sensing how the open hardware makes its way in this community.

Along the discussion, we shared our experience on topics such as the different open source approaches, business models based on community or academia/industry interactions around big science. We noticed a genuine interest related to the open way vs another more traditional ways to proceed.

CERN servers host the content for this event and it is on-line now. Feel free to download our slides and the talk's abstract to know how big science players leverage Linux and QEMU/KVM to raise the quality of the hardware/software, accelerating innovation and gaining additional contributors for their projects.


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