Making a speech on 7th White Rabbit Workshop

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The seventh White Rabbit workshop took place in CDTI, the Spanish Centre for Industrial Technological Development in Madrid on 27 and 28 November 2012. If you don't know about this project you might be interested in my last technical entry about White Rabbit project.

In this workshop Igalia reported on FMC TDC experience and some of the new technical ways used to fuel the project while developing and testing low level software using virtualization techniques.

Samuel talked about the technical details for the Industry Pack and FMC TDC projects, the concrete tooling and the approach used on both projects. Have a look on Sam's report here.

I used my slot to talk about the virtual way and how we overcomed some issues around the making of FMC TDC real board and the code driving it. I introduced the different real and virtual approaches to run testing/QA on White Rabbit software together with the possibilities and impact for the whole project.

You can download our slides in workshop's wiki. I am attaching a local copy too. You might be interested in virtual hardware development and how we use it in testing and continuous integration too.

As usual, I would like to thank to CDTI and CERN for hosting and arranging a perfect event. All things were great. Thanks guys!


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