This year G.P.U.L held a new workshop (4th edition) on Cryptography, Security and Privacy. It was great enjoying this event again.

In the previous edition, I was among the speakers where I talked about self-replicating computer code, infection techniques and how security software was handling all this stuff.

This year, Ross Anderson was among the speakers. Good news having one world-class security expert talking about cryptology and security. If you don’t know Ross maybe you would like to check his personal web page on Cambridge. Ross is professor of Security Engineering at the Cambridge’s Computer Laboratory where he runs serious and pragmatic research on topics resolving global security issues.

On the other hand, maybe you know Ross’ book: ‘Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems‘. This book is a comprehensive overview of the field while highlighting important details and fundamental security concepts. Currently, the second edition of this book is available. Though Ross released the first edition for free too.

Anyway, it was great sharing some thoughts and talking to Ross about economics and psychology of information security. I guess it is a topic where both of us shed great passion. We discussed about how the new emergent vulnerability markets split the different security bugs based on value, raise hidden bugs out of the underground economy or how new bad incentives appear in concrete software business models among other topics.

As usual, great management and coordination coming from G.P.U.L Congrats guys!


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