Physical Security & Criptography at MSWL 2012

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Great time at Master Software Libre teaching Physical Security and Cryptography contents this year. Two key areas at Information Security and Privacy.

These lessons were the first ones happening before my usual lessons on Networking, Security Networking and Linux Kernel.

On Physical Security time we worked on well-know physical system security methodologies, together with two new relevant topics: environmental design and design and evaluation of physical protection systems.

It was a lesson covering broad and detailed topics; ranging from designing defensible spaces, where you are able to use different elements and aspects to get natural social control and crime prevention, till a full description of technology and sensor availability to protect different facilities. Security standards or some notes to understand social behaviour (The Bronx study case) were worked out too.

On Cryptography, we walked along its history and development in order to understand cryptographic models and current crytographic systems, free/open software tooling, integration and usual use cases. At the end, everybody got their crypto stuff in place, ready to take part in keysigning parties and next social community events.

Ah! I almost forgot. This year, students will elaborate on the right design to build a safe and secure physical protection system for one embassy.


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