Xserver port on Hanlin eReader v5

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Several months ago I faced an interesting project around eInk technology. Basically, it had several clear goals about porting GNOME technologies to get a better stack that the hardware manufacturer's. You know ... better development tools, better testbed and finally ... better user experience :)

Xserver port on Hanlin eReader v5

With this project I played with the Hanlin v5 device as a test gadget. If you check the original specs about the product, you will realize the gadget runs a Samsung Arm 9 400MHz processor with SDRAM 32MB and main display eInk Vizplex (5" diagonal, 800x600 and 8 level grayscale) so ... what about getting some proof of concept to check possibilities! ;)

Next step was about getting Xserver running on top this device to check booting time, latencies, integration time and so on.

Bearing in mind OpenInkPot is a free and open-source Linux distribution for eBook and this device is not supported, I decided port KDrive. To achieve this one, I developed a custom keyboard and display drivers to adapt KDrive on top of existing software from scratch. This way, I finished with a static Xserver running fine.

You can download the previous 40 secs video recorded on real-time (thanks Adrian for editing!) to have a look about the different booting times and how Xeyes boots on top of Xserver in the blink of an eye ;)


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