Networking and Linux on MSWL 2010

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Some weeks ago we finished our administration and development module focused on networks and computers. This module is part of our Master on Free Software and I had the pleasure to take part in it again, together with other mates here in Igalia

While it is a module covering an extensive range of interesting topics; this year, I covered two broad topics: Networking and Linux Kernel

With regard to Networking, we saw relevant topics such as foundations, administration, tooling, design and security (attack and defense) in depth. All these topics included practical hands-on-lab sessions with selected questions and exercises in order to consolidate theory, doubts and continuous assessment.

Introducing the Kernel land is always a defiant task due to obvious reasons: you are touching hardware here! :) so crossing the border forward and backward between software and hardware is not the perfect place to newcomers and non very experienced developers. Fortunately, I always find passionate and skilled people in my classes and, this year, it was not an exception :) so introducing "bored" stuff about electricity and principles of digital computing with historic milestones was the previous needed stuff to follow the next technical topics. Finally, we surfed the Kernel internals and ran some configuration/compilation in order to see how the things are working currently.

This last topic closed our visit to three relevant OS in mainstream: FreeBSD, OpenSolaris and GNU/Linux (Debian).

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