Yesterday, I attended to the 'Red Hat Tech Happy Hour' event hosted on the 'Centro de Novas Technoloxías de Galicia', located in Santiago de Compostela.

This kind of events are normally developed in Madrid, where Red Hat (RH) maintains their satellite offices here in Spain, so it was a good opportunity to know about the latest products being marketed and sold by the North Carolina company here at home :)

In brief, this event focused on building virtual data centers (pros and cons) and how some major companies are using this kind of technology.

After the (expected) product portfolio introduction, it was easy confirming about the RH business based on integration and management of open technologies splitting its portfolio among different lines:

  • Products (server vs client)
  • Systems management (RH Network)
  • Storage management (GFS, Cluster Suite)
  • Security management (Directory Server Certificate System)
  • Services (professional, learning and support)
  • Corporate middleware (JBoss stuff)

Maybe the big technical shift in virtualization for RH in the middle term will be "forgetting" about Xen and switching to KVM, a more efficient and better designed virtualization solution from my point of view in this moment.

By the way, we comment about the recent acquired companies by RH, as the Israeli Qumranet (September 2008) with great expertise in KVM and desktop virtualization technologies. Without any doubt, all this expertise and internal developments will be translated in better web management tools as we checked for some beta tools being used in live demos.

Along the event, we talked about several RH reference customers using virtual data centers such as Amazon or DreamWorks or how RH is improving SPICE in order to get a better user experience in desktop virtualization.

Good time with the RH friends!


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