Gran Canaria Desktop Summit 2009

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Gran Canaria Desktop Summit (GCDS) is gone and nearly two weeks later I am reporting ... yup!

In any case, I couldn't attend the whole GCDS. I left Gran Canaria on Tuesday but the rest of Igalians attended to the whole event. As usual, Berto reported his personal impressions and it is always enough for me when I need to keep me up to date. Thank you Berto! :)

It was a pity, I couldn't enjoy the GCDS final days although I saw a lot of known faces in the summit and I have to say it; I enjoy a lot when I listen to Federico talking. He is really a captivating speaker :)

To go forward reporting on those five days, I have to say I liked several talks. In any particular order I would like to highlight the following ones ...

  • Robert Lefkowitz: "Liberal Software" (keynote)
  • Walter Bender: "The Sugar learning platform and the future of the desktop" (keynote)
  • Owen Taylor: "Introduction to the GNOME Shell"
  • Thorsten Prante: "GNOME Zeitgeist"
  • Alexandra Leisse: "Managing the Unmanageable, or: Community Building 101"
  • Kate Alhola: "Animated UI technologies in maemo 5 (Fremantle)"

Mark Shuttleworth was at GCDS too, and besides taking a photo with us :), he agreed to give an interview about GNOME 3.0. You can read here.

In brief, good hacking time with great people!


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