The Richard Stallman's lectures

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This last Thursday I enjoyed two Stallman's lectures in Vigo. Some mates blogged out about it in their blogs so you can know every detail in this event easily if you are interested. If you don't know I am talking about you can read the last Juanjo's or Joaquim's post in order to get the full details :)

In this event I listened the Stallman's message and his particular way to spread it with huge curiosity. He got some really interesting momentum in the lectures although I would like to highlight the Q&A time where he answered several interesting questions indeed. Specifically, he shared his thoughts and insights on the software libre movement (SLM) and how it fits in the software libre industry currently. Thereby he flied over hot topics such as the acquisition of Sun by Oracle, SaaS and the SLM or the GPL's last version among others.

I have to recognize I was surprised when he talked about the GNU/Linux integration and how he was disappointed when the GNU project took off like a rocket with the Linux kernel on board while the different communities identified the GNU project with the kernel only calling it Linux alone instead GNU/Linux.

Stallman talked about the Linux community too and how the distributions share this piece of software and how their decisions, particularly those ones related to non free drivers and firmwares impact every distribution and the movement itself.

Last, but not least, he talked about his experience making decisions and how he made one difficult decision between the micro and monolithic kernel design and how it changed a lot of things in the project's history.


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