Day 1 and 2 at fosdem 2009

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Two Mondays ago, I came back from Brussels together with good friends (I posted here about our trip to FOSDEM and  you can find another Igalians' posts about it here, here, here and here too!) so in this post just only I'd like to talk about the technical talks which I could see there.

In the first place I could attend to Magnus Hagander talk about what's coming in PostgreSQL 8.4. It was a very really interesting talk covering practical examples and cutting-edge SQL showing the new features.

Regarding to database track I had selected Replication, Replication, Replication, by Simon Riggs, and Filesystem I/O From a Database, by Selena Deckermann, but I couldn't attend due to the extreme parallelization on FOSDEM. OWASP Testing Guide v3 and Secure Software Development was my second talk indeed. This speech showed the OWASP testing methodology and how it can be used in order to implement a software development lifecycle with security in mind. Matteo Meucci gave us a tour all around the project with focus on web application security.

My next choice was Lenz Grimmer who talked about HA with his talk called MySQL High Availability Solutions. He showed some topologies, tips, pointers and so on. I liked this talk really.

With Upstart and its future roadmap I reached Ext4 where Ts'o discussed about the history of ext4, its features, advantages and some really interesting benchmarks. Maybe in this presentation I'd like to highlight his comments on multi block allocation, delayed allocation and extents. Amazing speech!


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