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Intense days here in Istanbul attending to GUADEC 2008 where I could track some very interesting and revealing key notes and technical sessions.

GUADEC is truly an innovation engine where among meetings, talks and so far you can share and evolve good ideas and opportunities with maybe the best minds changing the world quickly. This time I was chatting to people at Canonical, Nokia, Imendio or Sun (good party and beers guys!) and it was really fantastic knowing about their opinions and expertise at different domains.

I had the opportunity to talk to Stormy Peters too, our new Executive Director and an awesome industry analyst. As you know she was responsible for Hewlett Packard's open source strategy, policy and business practices. Among different topics we share the same ideas about software and passion and how it impact the organization's culture. I really enjoyed a lot talking to her.

Now, GUADEC 2008 is over and we already know the new place hosting GUADEC 2009. It'll be a beautiful and sunny island, Gran Canaria. See you there guys!


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