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This thursday we had our first management hackfest here in Igalia. It was the first official hackfest in our new office where some igalians have our new workplace (yes I know ... we have to post some photos soon ... ;) ) and it was a very interesting meeting where we talked about strategic value configurations and free software mainly.

In the beginning we talked about the distinction between long-linked, intensive and mediating value creation technologies with classic configuration models. It was a very important step to understand business drivers and the differences among the more innovative and creative activities templates. We guessed sometimes people fails to choose (and support!) the right model and waste plenty of valuable resources looking in wrong places.

Finally we compared two styles of software development, the traditional top-down (Cathedral) approach and the bottom-up (Bazaar) approach and how they're supported by the different value configurations.

There is no doubt in my mind that we got to share good information to arrange some thoughts and disconnected ideas.


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