DudesConf 2007

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No time to blog from Dudes! This last weekend was a really very intensive experience in DudesConf 2007 (DC) and today (three days later!) I've got some spare time to post up what I was up to this weekend with good friends and Debian ardent supporters :)

As I said, I'm blogging later than Mario so you can read his post and see some igalians singing and dancing rock n' roll at three o'clock in the morning or drinking our secret power grog (also known as 'queimada' in Galician }:)

But DC wasn't a great party only. Assistants enjoyed interesting speeches about Debian with really good speakers. BOFs were other hot spots in DC where some spanish Debian developers were hearing their user feedback about their ultimate experiences with Etch.

Saturday I assisted Steve Langasek's talk titled 'Debian Release Process'. Steve was one of the release managers for Etch so I was specially interested in this management timeframe. He showed his vision about the release process for a distribution targetting eleven architectures as Etch. He talked about the Ubuntu influence, global coordination issues and the Etch's lifecycle among other topics.

Left to right: Chema, Calvaris, Steve, Berto, Mario and me.

Sunday I ate with some Debian developers from different countries, exchanging some GnuPG keys and about conceptual maps with René Mérou. René captured the debian developer process perfectly in a visual way. Think that AGI' published slides don't contain the map althought he refered to it at last. Anyway I uploaded the René's map here too.


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