Memory workarounds on Vista Beta 2

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Today I read some marketing stuff about the new Microsoft Vista Beta 2's security enhancements and I must say they're going to be effective countermeasures against virus, worms and overall malware.

I think the previous statement is ok because Microsoft decided to implement old and well tested opensource technology. With Vista Beta 2 ships security technology named ASLR, /GS, SAL, DEP, /SAFESEH, etc. They are different names for well-known fixes. The new NT revision contains numerous heap improvements too. At least four new (and well-known) enhancements are included:

  • Checksumming heap blocks
  • Xoring block elements with a random number
  • Randomizing heap base addresses
  • Xoring function pointers with a random number

If you want to get a quick mapping between the previous Microsoft technology and the original (six years old!) open technology available in Linux, OpenBSD, etc. then you should start reading this link. It contains good information about this tested and free technology with related projects (PaX, Exec Shield, W^X, NX bit, etc).


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